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Have you been approached by a business person, a fiancé, a girlfriend or a boyfriend or an internet acquaintance soliciting your help to get money out of Nigeria, or transfer money to pay off police or other officials in order to be able to leave the country? Or pay for hospital bills after an accident? Or money to open a bank account in Nigeria? Most likely you are the victim of a 419 Scam.

419 refers to an article in the Nigerian Criminal Code.

Scamming is an industry, and many citizens become victims of various forms of scams - love scams, unexpected winnings, investments, fake charities, or business scams amongst others. The scams come in various disguises, and originate in great part from Nigeria. 

If you are a scam victim, go to the Danish Police. They may not be able to recover your losses, but with more information they may be able to stop some of the big scammers.

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419 Coalition Fights Nigerian 419 Scams