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Denmark is bringing fresh milk to Nigeria

Fresh milk is a daily refreshment in most Danes everyday life – now The Trade Council at the Danish General Consulate in Lagos together with Arla is helping Nigerian farmers to develop the dairy market in West Africa. 

There are millions of Nigerian pastoralists but very few of them are in an organized business model. Even fewer are in an organized milk production, as milk is often seen as just a bi-product of the cow. 

Milk production is an area of great expertise in Denmark, so naturally the Danish Trade Council in Lagos, Nigeria are right now working together with Arla and other Danish and local business partners to support the local farmers in making the industry of cows into a profitable business.

“There is an increasing gap in the consumers of Nigeria’s growing demand for fresh milk products and the production of those goods. We are already in collaboration with two dairies helping them to develop their milk treatment and processing facilities. Now we are in the process of looking for farmers who are able to deliver the milk to these dairies,” says State Consulate Poul Jacob Erikstrup.

One of the biggest bulls at the farm in Ikorodu

500 bulls and a great potential
At the very outskirts of Lagos, in the town of Ikorodu, one of the cow farms that are still under development in the south of Nigeria is slowly building their capacity. 500 bulls fill up the farm, where they are now looking into buying more cows, so they can also start producing milk.

“What they are doing here is really a great start. The manager has a good attitude to include newer ideas of milk production in his farm, which might make him a good candidate for our business model later on,” says Poul Jacob Erikstrup

The farm does have troubles though that have to be sorted before they can get the full potential from the cows. The road there is challenging to drive on and would make the transportation of milk difficult, the cattle needs more protein to deliver both more meat and milk and the farm needs better access to power and water. 

More than milk
Maybe they will be part of the Danish initiative of getting fresh milk in the stores of Nigeria, if not in the first round than maybe later on in the process.

No matter what the milk project undergoing in Nigeria right now will create great opportunities in the West African market. Job creation is a major advantage of the project as well as the benefits that comes along with being chosen as one of the dairies or farms.

“We will of course provide the partners with power and water sources which will not only benefit the value chain of our milk production but will also help the surrounding local community to see the benefits of our collaboration,” says Poul Jacob Erikstrup.

Jacob discussing the possibilities of farming crops at the cow farm