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Requirements for residence and work permit applications

Applicants are kindly requested to consult the relevant website as follows:


All application forms for Denmark contain an application guide with a step-by-step description of the application process and a list of required documents, along with a checklist.

Please note: As for Denmark some of the forms are first to be filled in by the sponsor in Denmark, e.g. an employer or educational institution. This is clearly indicated in the application guide. When the sponsor in Denmark has completed his/her part of the form and attached the necessary documentation, he/she must forward it to the applicant who will then complete the rest of the form, attach the necessary documentation, and submit the entire application at the Visa Facilitation Center. 

Applicants must fill in two (2) application forms to be handed in together with sufficient amount of recent passport size photographs (number can be found in application form). All the supporting documents have to be provided in two sets as well.

Residence permit with the sole purpose of immigration will not be granted.